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Last Update on October 06, 2015 07:07 GMT


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- It was an emotional night on "Dancing With the Stars." The theme on last night's show was the celebrities' most memorable year. During rehearsals, Alek Skarlatos learned of the killings at his Roseburg, Oregon, college, and went home to support the community. Skarlatos was one of the heroes who had stopped a recent terrorist attack on a French train. He returned to the show last night and said his heart was with the people of Roseburg and hoped to "do them proud" on the dance floor. The judges praised his resolve and gave him decent scores. Bindi Irwin was the high scorer and moved the judges to tears. She dedicated her performance to her late father, "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin. Alfonso Ribeiro stepped in for host Tom Bergeron, so Bergeron could be with his ill father.

<<CUT ..003 (10/06/15)>> 00:08 "away as well (applause)"

002-a-12-(Alek Skarlatos, contestant, during "Dancing With the Stars" broadcast Monday)-"them their support"-Alek Skarlatos returned to "Dancing with the Stars" Monday to honor his Oregon college town hit by a mass killing. COURTESY: BBC Worldwide Limited and American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. ((mandatory on-air credit)) (6 Oct 2015)

<<CUT ..002 (10/06/15)>> 00:12 "them their support"


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- You'd figure Gary Busey would be at least a little weird and he didn't disappoint. He was voted off "Dancing With the Stars" last night, but says he hasn't really been eliminated. Busey says he and his pro partner will still be a presence on the show in spirit. Paula Deen needs be a little worried about being there after the next elimination, though. She's the low scorer of the remaining celebs after last night's performances.

008-a-10-(The Voice coaches, during "The Voice" broadcast Monday)-"this one, nope"-All four coaches want 16-year-old Shelby Brown. COURTESY: NBC ((mandatory on-air credit)) (6 Oct 2015)

<<CUT ..008 (10/06/15)>> 00:10 "this one, nope"

006-r-26-(Excerpt of Shelby Brown performing "Stars", during "The Voice" broadcast Monday)--Excerpt of Shelby Brown performing "Stars." COURTESY: NBC ((mandatory on-air credit)) (6 Oct 2015)

<<CUT ..006 (10/06/15)>> 00:26

007-a-15-(Adam Levine and The Voice coaches and Shelby Brown, contestant, during "The Voice" broadcast Monday)-"16, no way (cheers)"-Adam Levine wants young Shelby Brown to relax. COURTESY: NBC ((mandatory on-air credit)) (6 Oct 2015)

<<CUT ..007 (10/06/15)>> 00:15 "16, no way (cheers)"


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Tracy Morgan has been added to the mix for the upcoming tribute for Eddie Murphy. Morgan will be part of the team of comedians who will honor Murphy when he receives the nation's top humor prize. The Kennedy Center will give Murphy the Mark Twain Award for American Humor on Oct. 18. Morgan's appearance will mark only his second major outing since a highway wreck that nearly killed him last June. He also appeared at the Emmy Awards last month.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A lawsuit claims the city of Los Angeles did wrong by a house where Marilyn Monroe lived for a short time. A residents' group is seeking to rescind the City Council's approval of a condominium project in the San Fernando Valley. The Los Angeles Times reports the house where Monroe lived for a year was torn down days before a hearing on whether to consider making it a historic monument. The lawsuit won't do much for the fate of the now-demolished house. But opponents of the demolition want to stop the five-unit project.


NEW YORK (AP) -- Spike Lee says he's no runner -- because he has knees as bad as former New York Jets' quarterback Joe Namath. But Lee will be one of the featured guests at a big-time event where everyone else will be running. Lee has been named grand marshal for this year's New York City Marathon. Lee says he has no idea why he was chosen to be only the third person in the 45-year history of the race to be named grand marshal. But the people who run the marathon say they know why. They say they were looking for someone who was both a sports fan and the quintessential New Yorker -- and say Spike Lee "was the perfect fit." The New York City Marathon is Nov. 1.

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