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'Promposals' banned at Central Dauphin School District

Reported by: Ewa Roman
Posted by: Ashley Arnold

Its like a marriage proposal, only the guy asks the girl to go to prom.

But a Dauphin County School District is now banning "prom proposals."

As we found out, that has some Central Dauphin School District students and parents upset.

We also found out why the school district is doing this.

They dance their way into their hearts, using balloons and ping pongs balls, hoping the girl will say yes!

A few videos we found on YouTube show a boy, who thinks up a creative way to ask a girl to prom.

CBS 21 also found out that its popular at the Central Dauphin School District.

Theyre fun, they make peoples day better, I thought they were harmless, said Rachel Cherry, Junior, Central Dauphin High School.

Rachel says during a recent proposal, a boy stood up on a table during lunch and took off his shirt.

Thats when school leaders put a stop to "prom proposals."

CBS 21 News obtained a statement from the Central Dauphin School District spokesperson who says:Promposals that are public and attention-getting in nature were recently banned at Central Dauphin High School because they were causing safety concerns in the hallways with large crowds of students gathering to watch the proposals and students arriving late to class which caused major disruptions to the educational process. Most recently, an incident occurred in which a large crowd gathered to watch a proposal in the corridor and the high school staff believing it to be an escalating situation involving students caused the building principals to race down the hallway believing there was a fight occurring.  Students were attempting to outdo one another with each proposal becoming more creative and elaborate further causing disruptions during the school day.  For these reasons, Promposals that are public and attention-getting in nature have been banned at Central Dauphin High School.
Tianna Mongold is a CD parent and says the schools actions go too far.

If they can come up with creative ways , they should be allowed to do it. It seems like the school is running what they can and cannot do on everything, said Tianna Mongold, parent.

I dont see why they have to get rid of it, maybe have guidelines instead, said Rachel.

After all,  Rachel says,  it gives students something fun to look forward to and the girls kind of like it.

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